mRemoteNG – One Stop Shop on Windows

For a while I have been using mRemoteNG purely as a SSH and Remote Desktop , but I was using Command Prompt, MinGW, and Cygwin as all outside programs. I wanted to integrate them in with mRemoteNG so I’d have just one window, and multiple tabs for my terminal programs. I’ll run through what I did to prepare and then set up the terminals in mRemoteNG.


  1. Choose your terminal: MinGW, Cygwin, GitBash, PowerShell, Command Prompt
    1. If using command prompt, you’ll have to also set it up in Console2. I haven’t had much luck with ConEmu.
    2. Make sure you download and install the latest versions, as they will come with the required software.
  2. Then determine if mintty is installed for your desired terminal, except Command Prompt and PowerShell as stated above.
  3. Download and install the latest version of mRemoteNG from the mRemoteNG website.


  1. Open the External Tools in mRemoteNG
  2. Add a new External Tool
  3. Locate the location of the mintty or Console2 program in relation to your desired terminal.
  4. Add your arguments
    1. For mine, I always start /bin/bash –login -i so I don’t get the standard /bin/sh
  5. Open the Connections panel
  6. Create a new connection and label it your desired terminal
  7. In the protocol row, change the protocol from RDP to Ext. App
  8. Choose your External Tool, and save it.

Now you should be able to double click on the connection and open a terminal inside of your mRemoteNG session. I also changed a few other options to put it under its own tab called Consoles. After making changes in the External Tools panel, however, you’ll have to restart mRemoteNG because for some reason it’ll either freeze, or crash for me.

mRemoteNG is written in and is available on GitHub to contribute content, or look at the code. There are a few shoot offs, one being in C#. The developer is sticking with though.

mRemoteNG Forum

mRemoteNG GitHub


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