Traipse OpenRPG – How To Install It!!!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of OpenRPG, or anything like that, I only heard of it through the passing of a person in the elevator, or on a forum, but it was a long time ago. The program always seemed hard to install, and anyone I talked to seemed daunted by installing it. One of my friends who wants to play a Role Playing Game with me, but they are quite a ways away, a couple states to be exact. He suggested this, but he didn’t know how to get it working. So I sat there and figured it out, and I realized, I was using a weird package, and not doing it right. So here, I will explain how I did it. Then maybe later, I’ll explain how to create a character.

Here are the steps to install, and get Traipse OpenRPG setup and running. At the time of this writing, Traipse OpenRPG is Ornery Orc.

  1. Download the required packages and software.
    1. You’ll want to make sure you download the Traipse OpenRPG package from the link HERE
    2. On that page you’ll also want to download the EXACT Python version they have listed. If you don’t the program will not work, and give you some errors. I also don’t think that the version listed is even available on the Python website.
    3. Then you’ll want to download the wxPython plugin package. I don’t believe you have to compile any of the Python packages into bytecode, but I don’t see any harm in it.
    4. OpenRPG downloads
  2. Install the packages
    1. To install the Python packages, just double click on them, and click next. I recommend, however, that when you install your Python, you create a directory called python, under the C drive, and then make a folder with the version name. That way, there are no spaces in the directory path, and you can keep all the different versions of Python under one roof. So, the directory structure would look like this: C:\python\Python26\
    2. To “install” OpenRPG, unzip the package to where ever you want it. Then open a command prompt or your terminal of choice, and navigate to the directory where you unzipped the package. Inside, issue the command,  ‘ python ‘, without the single quotes. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to use the full path, ‘ C:\python\Python26\python ‘.
    3. This might take a bit depending on your system’s internals. For me, it took about a minute for the program to update itself.
    4. OpenRPG setup
  3. Run the Traipse OpenRPG program
    1. Once the program has been setup, and installed, you will run it almost the same way. With that same command prompt or terminal session of choice, issue the command ‘ python Traipse.pyw ‘.
    2. OpenRPG Traipse Startup
    3. This will start the program, try to look for further updates, and then start the actual program.
    4. OpenRPG Updater
    5. When all of this is complete, you will be presented with a green checkered board, and a couple samples on the left hand side.
    6. OpenRPG Window

The next post I will do will explain how to create a character and set up your own “Character Sheet” with what is given to you. I hope this post helps anyone looking to install and setup OpenRPG looking to give it a shot. So far it seems like an awesome platform. The Traipse Website for this again is this:


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